ELBA-Graduate-Local Employment-Scheme-(EaGLES)
ELBA Graduate Local Employment Scheme.
ELBA and Ashridge Executive Education launch Social Mobility Report
Flying High 2005-2015 - EaGLES Key Facts & Findings
Flying High 2005-2015 - EaGLES Key Facts & Findings
ELBA's three teams: Community Works, Education Works and Employment Works
Jess McNicholas, Vice President Corporate Citizenship EMEA at State Street
ELBA Mock Interview Week and Career Capital student lands internship offers
BLOG - It's official - volunteering is good for you!
BLOG - It's official - volunteering is good for you!
Abbey Kupoluyi
CASE STUDY: Young jobseeker lands coveted role with Catalyst
Henry Wanyoike shares his inspirational story with North Beckton Primary pupils
Malcolm Bryant - Morgan Stanley
Project MOST – innovative routes to employment for east Londoners
Sophie Hulm - City of London
CASE STUDY : Corporate Partner - City of London

Upcoming Events

Sometimes life cuts deep. Sometimes life needs...

Next month the Challenge ELBA team will be running another training session for community partners looking at developing volunteer projects and managing corporate volunteers.

If you are interested in coming along to this training event and haven't yet signed up, please contact Emily at emily.franklin@elba-1.org.uk.